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New Alma Design Colours and Materials for Autumn

Fall colours express their strong, significant identity mainly through the different shades that give them an almost “magical” look.

For this reason, Alma Design has decided to update its range of materials and colours to offer more finishes with a pleasant sense of simultaneous warmth and elegance.

Some of the more attractive new additions are the new material Velluto Luna and the new finish Hero by Patricia Urquiola. Many other brand new options have been added, along with these, during the company-wide renewal program.

There are different types of velvet, linen, and wool (virgin wool or combed melange) offered in rich chromatic ranges with fascinating nuances that deliberately evoke the autumn colours red, orange, yellow, brown, okra, amaranth, violet and gold.

Along with these, beautiful new raw materials offer the chance to experiment with a visual and tactile perspective: beautiful to see and to touch.

The result is truly interesting, which confirms the great attention to detail and quality materials that Alma Design is known for, as they progress towards the magical season of autumn.

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