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Living Corriere Features Bredaquaranta

This month, we’ve been featured in Living Corriere, one of Italy’s most important magazines about the furnishing sector, in an article entitled:
Bredaquaranta: una storia di eccellenza italiana

Bredaquaranta was founded in 2008 as a classic furniture store. In 10 short years, we have grown into a brand that promotes and sells many other brands. Specialised in excellent interior design, we feature the most prestigious brands in our sector.
Today, we are an international company with 5 Italian locations and 3 foreign offices. Bredaquaranta has become an important reference point for customers who want to furnish their homes with taste and refined style.

The most interesting characteristic of the many projects undertaken by Bredaquaranta is the total vision that guides them, where creativity and attention to detail are applied to the most functional services as well as the more exclusive. We have a database of over 730 companies.
Thanks to this incredibly vast range of choices, Bredaquaranta stores can help customers select the best furnishings and decor from Italian and foreign suppliers.
The company’s extensive know-how is completed with strong passion that has always guided the two founders and a team of about forty architects and interior decorators who advise clients at each step in their projects, from the initial idea through project completion.

According to CEO Davide D’Avico and the marketing manager Fausta Sala: “Our team is made up of young people from all over the world. They bring their cultural references and thus contribute to making our mood innovative.” They also say: “When people start describing the house they would like, we can easily understand their real needs, their taste, and what they really want.” This is the right mindset to start a carefully articulated design path, because the work required to create the perfect interior is truly all-encompassing.

The customer assistance program starts with a choice of fabrics, and then moves to mood boards of materials. After that, they choose wallpaper and colours from a vast number of options. Therefore, the design concept includes the architecture and the decor, and offers a “turnkey” solution that encompasses every phase, including installation and post-sales assistance.

In addition, the solution contains the perfect mix of architectural and showroom services, our trademark reliability and the furniture provider’s care, with an analysis of space, lighting, carpets, and even wine glasses and dinnerware, to offer a truly exclusive and complete service.
The result is a balanced furnishing scheme complete with personalised interior design that can be flexible with styles, from minimal to modern luxury.

This type of interior design is truly custom-created and tailored for the people who live in it.

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