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Gloss and Vibration Carpet Collections from Stepevi

Though they were presented for the first time in 2016, these collections are still among the most important for the leading luxury carpet brand Stepevi. Gloss and Vibration offer two absolutely new aspects of customised contemporary carpets.

The Gloss collection is inspired by the concept of “subtle glamour”. These pieces add a touch of exclusive refinement to the room where they are placed. The collection includes two models, "Hoop" and "Grid", which both feature a neutral range of dark grey colours. This chromatic selection represents discreet luxury, with delicate motifs and earthy tones that mimic the natural world.

The collection’s main characteristic is the weaving technique - called cut & loop - used by Stepevi on its new fabric “Flat Viscose”, which is made with 100% viscose yarns. The technique specifically combines the natural sheen of the yarn with a delicate semi-opaque effect to create a highly tactile finish.

The other collection, Vibration, stands out for its bold aesthetics, where contrasting colours and sculptural motifs create the idea of continuous, fluid motion. The collection features three patterns: "Fusion", "Clash" and "Band", all based on a palette of dark greys and blacks that give the space an almost scenographic look.

The form, measurements and colours of both collections can be personalised to make them reflect very different stylistic needs, spatial requirements and furnishing tastes.

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