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Palo Alto I-Box by MisuraEmme: the Walk-in Closet with Infinite Nuances

Gianni Borgonovo, CEO and designer at MisuraEmme, has created many different projects, including walk-in closet systems with aluminium structures. These modules were designed and engineered to meet the needs of a discerning and increasingly international range of customers.

Palo Alto I-Box is the latest option for people seeking a highly customisable walk-in closet system with hi-tech nuances and convenient accessories.

Still today, Gianni Borgonovo oversees the technical and productive developments of this famous continuously evolving walk-in closet system as its inventor and head project engineer.

The most significant feature of the Palo Alto I-Box is the purity of its linear shapes, designed to express the highest level of integration between aesthetics and functionality to obtain an elegant bedroom. The modular units of the Palo Alto I-Box system make it possible to create an infinite number of variations with convenient but imperceptible connections between wardrobes, small elements and walk-in closet modules.

This system is designed to be extremely customisable, a central concept that translates into extensive functionality through a selection of innovative frame-sides. The brand’s exclusive specially engineered hinges allow the doors to be mounted on either classic wooden sides or the frame-sides to obtain an innovative 180° opening.

The thin but solid forms of the closet modules are emphasized by a LED lighting system that provides light without glare to present objects in a sophisticated and refined manner.

Palo Alto I-Box modules transform the MisuraEmme bedroom into a place where a myriad of different materials and design options can be used in the same system, also thanks to a range of fine finishes that enhance the vast range of accessories. Everything can be put away in its own special place in a functional way, thereby meeting the personal needs of each customer through a unique, transparent and elegant concept of space.

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