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Miyabi: Giorgetti's New Walk-in Closet with Air Purifier

The innovative team at the Giorgetti Centro Ricerche has designed the Miyabi modular walk-in closet with an integrated air purifier.

When clothes are hung inside the modules, the bipolar ionization system destroys all bacteria, mould, and smog particles that produce odour. Each particle is removed by neutralizing filters connected with the UV ray system. UV rays are produced by the device’s LEDs.

The Miyabi system blends seamlessly, with the modules from the Reiwa system, developed in 2019, to make interesting contrasts in materials.

It comes with several accessories like spherical hat stands, handbag holders in fine ash wood, and tie and belt racks. The generous sized glass cabinets and chests of drawers, available with a range of opening styles, can be completely customized to fit special needs.

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