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Altdeutsche Chest by Moooi

The Altdeutsche Chest was designed by Studio Job, the famous Dutch art and design firm which also has an office in Milan. Their design shows the “Renaissance spirit of doing”, which combines ancient artistic techniques with modern methods to produce one-of-a-kind objects.

The Altdeutsche Chest is one of these unique objects: it’s quite original with a great personality, built to match the wardrobe with the same name.

This functional chest possesses the solidity of traditional cabinetry and the surrealistic decorations of modern times. It truly is an eye-catching piece.

To its admirers, this durable chest made by Moooi presents a complex decorative pattern made of colourful magical symbols all over its extensive surface area. It expresses the Moooi philosophy, which dictates that the company only employs artisans who are able to produce works of art as opposed to mere products.

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