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Moooi's Hortensia Armchair Mimics Nature

This week, Moooi is happy to introduce its splendid Hortensia armchair, created from a 3D rendering that went viral on social media. Given the immediate success of this piece, the brand has decided to produce a limited edition that is now available on a wider scale.

Hortensia by Moooi represents an extraordinary dream: “the unmakeable armchair” that becomes real thanks to the expertise of designers Andrés Reisinger and Jùlia Esqué.

Curvy, soft Hortensia attempts to replicate the beauty of nature in an innovative way. Its seat is made from 30,000 petals of fabric that mimic the feel of the hydrangea flower, the result of Júlia Esqué’s vast experience in textile design.

Hortensia is available in pink and grey, but also in a totally customisable configuration that can be ordered online or at our store.

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