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Veliero: Cassina's Iconic Bookcase

Veliero is an important piece in the Cassina collections, and it is also a statement of design and equilibrium because the company loves to explore and reinvent the concept of stability.

This visionary project was created by Franco Albini in 1940, and today it is being redone starting from the prototype in his Milan home.

This amusing bookcase is flexible and double-sided. It can be used as a design partition in the centre of a room, or as an “accessorized window” that forms an elegant backdrop. Veliero is a bold example of the brand’s design capacities, demonstrating that they want to respect the poetry of the original project by enhancing it with new construction technologies. Through its studies, Cassina has restored one of the most iconic pieces of all time to modern design culture. It’s also available in an exclusive limited edition in ash wood with a black painted finish.

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