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Rossana W75 Kitchen

Rossana was founded in Bergamo in the early 1950s. Its current name can be attributed to Giancarlo Iliprandi, who designed the original Rossana kitchen. In fact, that model was so successful that the brand became totally identified with its name.

Today, Rossana is offering the W75, made with pain-staking attention to detail, and the company continues to follow the path of Italian design with a focus on quality materials and technological expertise.

The W75 was designed by Massimo Castagna. The main focus of this essential kitchen is its door: the particular vertical diamond cut renders the thickness of the material visible. This kitchen has no handles, but the horizontal side of the door is slanted to form a groove handle in the area under its beautiful worktop.

Even the worktop is very thin, and comes in many different finishes, all of which are quite elegant and essential.

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