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Flex Back: Ergonomic Office Chairs from Knoll

The Knoll brand has always created functional office furnishings with a high design content. The brand’s research has always focused on “feeling comfortable at work”, or rather, the desire to transform the way we work in our home or corporate office with high-quality ergonomic chairs that allow us to truly work better. One example of this is the ergonomic Flex Back chair with unmatched flexibility. Knoll has designed a concept that combines holistic ergonomics with functional design to obtain a unique product.

Flex Back blends two innovative elements: the material used - a high performance elastomer - and a structure shaped like an 8, which can support different positions and allow multi-dimensional movements throughout the workday.

You’ll be able to move easily while sitting at your desk, with the guarantee of optimal localized support of your shoulders and lower back.

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