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The Elegant Gravity Chandelier by MOOOI

Moooi presents its lovely Gravity Chandelier created by Paul Cocksedge. Clearly inspired by the elegant chandeliers of the past, Gravity shows an accent on elasticity that eliminates all formal rigidity. Paul Cocksedge is an internationally acclaimed British designer who has spent the last decade building his reputation in the field of innovative design through sculpture, architecture and unusual products.

The Gravity Chandelier is a splendid modern luminaire with thin flexible arms. It can redesign a room by adding plays of natural and diffused light.

This piece comes in two sizes identified by their diameters and number of arms (Gravity Chandelier 5 and Gravity Chandelier 7).

Delightful glass candelabra cups display their sophisticated craftsmanship. This chandelier was designed to highlight the effects of gravity, which pulls the suspended wires tethered with elastic cords into arched shapes that end in glittering lights.

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