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Jitka Skuhrava Chandeliers: Mist and Bubbles in Space

Jitka Skuhrava has introduced a new series of chandeliers, or rather sculptures, that convey the brand’s passion for the natural personality of glass. The soft curves of Mist, created with thin sheets of glass, mimic the stratification of a misty cloud. The hazy edges of these glass clouds seem to change because each of the segments hangs at a different height. Currents of air cause the glass elements to move. This chandelier is for people who love beauty.

Bubbles in Space is the brand’s other new chandelier: it looks like an explosion of bubbles in mid-air. This work of art can transport the observer into a fascinating make-believe world. Its atmosphere captivates the onlooker, who gets lost in its almost immaterial appearance. The entire collection celebrates the Renaissance-era artisan techniques using molten and blown glass.

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