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Palace by Boca do Lobo

Palace expresses the style of Boca do Lobo to the fullest: playfully reinventing past trends to fit today’s tastes. These display cases look like they were made in 17th century, when princesses travelled in similar shaped carriages and loved to entertain their guests in luxurious sitting rooms.

Palace is a curved object that’s perfect for people who want to furnish a corner of their home with distinctive personality. The elegant mahogany frame allows this piece to create a refined atmosphere in any entrance hall or contemporary dining room.

The transparent front and sides make Palace luminous despite its impressive presence. It contains two smoky glass shelves and two drawers with polished brass handles.
Boca do Lobo has used the best woodworking techniques to make this display cabinet: carving, lacquering, and an excellent example of custom varnishing to fit the style.

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