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Knoll's New Hi-tech Fabrics

KnollTextiles has just presented new combinations of fabrics and design, revisited in a larger colour range. It’s called the Montage Collection.

The word Montage indicates an activity that is common in the film industry: the process of selection, modification and mounting of separate images to create a continuous story that becomes a film.

The Montage Collection is the brand’s response to the demands of contemporary interior decorators. All of Knoll’s pieces can be enhanced with a combination of fabrics with chromatic lines produced by the careful study of nature, art, and fashion, in addition to thorough market research and trend analysis.

For example, the splendid biodegradable Shadow Play fabric has a geometric pattern and can be cleaned with bleach. Another ground-breaking fabric is Looped, the texturized multicoloured all-over upholstery fabric woven from a blend of yarns with different dimensions and surface consistencies.

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