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Moooi and No Screw No Glue

In the name of sustainability, Moooi has launched its new environmentally conscious line of furniture No Screw No Glue made in Richlite. These furnishings are built out of an innovative and durable material made from recycled paper, which in turn was made from responsibly harvested trees and ecological resins.

These beautiful products have natural aesthetics that make them look and feel like actual wood.

The buffet cabinet and the large wardrobe are constructed without screws or glue (guess where the collection name comes from!). These surprisingly elegant pieces, with their minimal design and functionality, are truly designed to last.

Their creator, Joost van Bleiswijk, made the first No Screw No Glue projects in 2006 from sheets of stainless steel. Today, he uses the innovate material Richlite and fastening methods that do not require screws, glue or tools during assembly.

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