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De Majo Illuminates Hotel Gallia Excelsior Milano

The De Majo brand, one of the world’s leading international high-end luminaire manufacturers, has created several chandeliers and a range of other luminaires for the Hotel Gallia Excelsior in Milan. These products fully express the expertise of Italian manufacturers.

Almost all of these lamps were custom made with the objective of fulfilling functional needs and embracing the stylistic choices of the pre-existing furnishings.

Visitors to the Hotel Gallia marvel at the impressive luminaires designed by De Majo, luxurious scenarios to admire in the ground floor restaurant and in the suites and the spa. The chandelier over the large central staircase is 25 meters tall! Designed by Studio Marco Piva, this chandelier looks like a luminescent upside-down cone made of 1200 kg of glass.

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