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Fimar's REBEL SYSTEM: Industrial Living Rooms and Vintage Style

Fimar Mobili is adding new vintage-style living room suites, cupboards, and bookcases to their collections. They start by restoring life and value to existing materials while respecting the environment: this is REBEL System, the collection of functional contemporary living room furniture.

Recycling is the brand’s theme. They want to convey a clear message of sustainability by using wood from old farmhouses adorned with glass and metal that recall old industrial buildings, which are in turn combined with eucalyptus fibre compact wood products.

We would like to highlight two products from the extensive REBEL system: REBEL CE 172 - a combination of wall-mounted units whose personality comes from alternating finishes and the interaction of empty and full volumes. This product adds a touch of style to any room.

The REBEL CF 122 cupboard is also very interesting - its large side-by-side hanging units are softened by the lightness of the metal elements, which give the entire composition strong visual impact.

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