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Soriana: Cassina's Soft, Generous Sofa

Soriana is much more than a sofa. It’s an actual “comfort revolution” made by Cassina

to bring a new style of informal comfort into homes in the guise of a refined design piece. This sofa opens the door to familiar but liberating rituals.

The intuition behind Soriana changed the history of padded furniture. The designers Afra & Tobia Scarpa made the discovery in 1969 as they experimented with new materials like polyurethane foam, which - at the time - was an innovation that could give the desired shape to pieces of furniture and create locations of “unconventional” relaxation.

Also available in an armchair version, Soriana has a metal structure that seems to hold the sofa and its padding in a firm grip. The padding is entirely biodegradable (100% recycled PET from the Plastic Bank®) and made very comfortable with the addition of microspheres in BioFoam®.

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