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AeroZeppelin: the Moroso Sofa by Diesel

Moroso and Diesel have created a collection of products with unique style, informal colours and comfort inspired by the idea of informal and industrial living.

AeroZeppellin exhibits clean, simple design in its shape, but it is made of high quality materials and its style is linear and bold.

This sofa can become the centrepiece of any room and it leads its users to a dimension of immediate comfort and relaxation. It’s an authentic platform enhanced by soft cushions for the backrest and armrests that leave the user free to interpret it and use it as they desire, depending on what they want to do at the time.

The backrest cushions on AeroZeppellin can be turned around and positioned vertically or horizontally to create different configurations to increase or decrease the seat depth.

Splendid seams define the outline of the structure as an aesthetic mark of Diesel with its unequalled vintage casual spirit.

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