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AXO: Cappellini's Ethical Christmas Toy

During the last month of the year, the same sentiment that inspired AXO emerges in the world. This project was developed by Cappellini in collaboration with Elena Salmistraro and announced during the Salone del Mobile.

AXO stands for “Axolotl”, a peculiar species of salamander with seemingly magical powers: it can regenerate and heal itself to reclaim its future. This object has become a mascot and a symbol of hope for change and renewal.Handmade from reassembled scraps of fabric, each toy is absolutely unique.

However, AXO is much more than a design product. It was produced to highlight the enormous impact of the fabric industry on the environment and the eco-sustainable characteristics of the Cassina brand, which works with other cooperatives to help the most fragile citizens in the Milan metropolitan area.
AXO is the Rebirth Manifesto of Cassina: it call attention to the reuse of materials, the importance of traditional handicrafts, and the need for restoration of our spirits.

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