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Falper Launches Small Living Kitchens™

Right now, for Milano Design Week 2022, the Falper brand has launched an innovative kitchen model called: Small Living Kitchens™.

It’s a new approach to furnishing ultra-small spaces: a super-compact kitchen that can also maintain Falper’s high standards and the configurations of larger kitchens, starting from only 2.5 m2.

Small Living Kitchens™ features just a few modular elements that can be put together to fit the project: there are cupboards and columns designed by Andrea Federici as if they were living room furniture, all with the perks of being highly customizable.

The Isole Falper were created starting with three models in three different sizes. The Madia cabinet is a single element, but the Columns are modular and can be combined to form an actual accessorized wall 2.0

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