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Storage: Modular Boiserie by Porro

Lissoni has created the Storage boiserie for Porro. It’s a cross between a walk-in closet and an open wardrobe system.

This vast system can integrate perfectly with the other pre-existing solutions,

because it uses wall-mounted modular panels to form the base for hanging different types of accessories to personalize the space as needed.

The Storage boiserie system is a more complete solution than the walk-in closet, and it is also visually lighter than the open wardrobe because it does not have sides and uprights.When it is finished, it becomes a lovely secret room to keep your clothing in, with 3 shoe cabinet modules, lighted shelves, drawers with tilted internal mirrors, and a tie rack to hang on the door. Several bag compartments and fabric boxes are available to put into the drawers to store eyeglasses, necklaces, and watches. This pleasant place is also functional, perfect for storing many things.

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