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Wall&Door Filo55 by Lualdi

Lualdi has expanded its collection of Wall&Door partitions with a new proposal: the full-height version of the Filo55 door. This collection was created to rationalize, define and then divide spaces using complete systems that include modular panels, doors, and leaves.

The Wall&Door collection presents a range of important technical advantages, because it can be used to cover the full height of a wall. It’s also easy to install freely in any corner of the home. The door leaves can be used to cover or uncover, form practical partitions, and create design wardrobe areas.

The Filo55 door loses its previous connotation and becomes a part of a system of dividing walls that can be used to create new rooms without requiring masonry works. The joint between the jamb and the wall is always perfect.

Filo55 is versatile and can be customized to fit the customer’s specific needs: wood, lacquered finish, leathers, fabrics and slats can alternate as desired to create unique and memorable solutions.

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