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New Catalogues for Acerbis Furnishings

Acerbis has just presented the new volumes of its Remasters collection catalogues. They contain pictures of brand new environments and settings in which the brand’s more iconic pieces are arranged to create new meanings.

In the Collection catalogue, the Remasters and the new Acerbis products are shown in original and creative arrangements devised by Studio Temp.

Iconic pieces created decades ago are still perfect for outfitting all sorts of spaces with contemporary design in the name of Italian craftsmanship and creativity.

We can see products photographed inside Villa Necchi, in the Fondazione Kenta, along with pure still life shots that highlight the quality of the Acerbis materials and finishes. We would like to mention the volume “Paper Acerbis”, which contains two interesting projects: Mirror Reflections and Vintage Race Cars, in which Remasters are placed in specific contrasting contexts to create fun but surreal photographs.

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