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Trussardi Casa: the New 2022 Collection

Trussardi Casa redesigns living spaces to launch an important initiative in the company’s history featuring an intimate blend of fashion and design. The new collection for 2022 is elegant, with a sophisticated and timeless style: it’s both accessible and “democratic”.

Trussardi Casa has asked a group of talented designers to take part in this initiative: Leonardo Talarico, Elisa Ossino, Lanzavecchia+Wai and Matteo Agati have created a collection of furniture inspired by the concepts of conviviality, welcoming, and inclusiveness, and these pieces join the ones designed by Carlo Colombo.

Each piece has its own unique personality and expresses the distinctive mark of its designer, but together, they create an extraordinary “symphonic orchestra”: a blend of soft lines, geometric elements, organic shapes and clear emotions. One example is Andrej, a table that looks like a sculpture, and expresses a sense of softness through the formal contrast between the volume of the base and the thin top.

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