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Ceramica Globo: New Products in the 2022 Collection

This year’s collections from Ceramica Globo are amazing! Always in step with the times, the brand pays attention to people’s daily needs, offering solutions in different finishes and variations. One example is OPI, a multifaceted furnishing system in contemporary style with an infinite number of configurations of different dimensions, colours, and materials.

Its colourful, essential nature is expressed through a range of materials that decisively furnishes and defines the personality of every type of bathroom, from large to small. Opi is the perfect choice for designing unusual new atmospheres, and achieving complete creative freedom also in the bathroom.

The new GLOBOTHIN ® material is a ceramic mixture only 6 mm thick for sink edges, which is able to maintain product geometries and edges stable and unaltered.

Another splendid example is the T-Edge product family, which includes new sinks with 37 cm depths in a suspended model and with a base, each with a flush ceramic drain unit also in Globothin®.

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