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Marble Decorations by Bisazza from Collezione Studio KO

The new collection of marble tile by Bisazza inspired by traditional Italian architecture was created by two French architects, Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty from Studio KO.

The designers wanted to highlight the essential natural elegance of marble through a contemporary version inspired by Pompei, the floors of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, and creations by Giò Ponti and Portaluppi.

The KO family offers new combinations of geometric shapes, a range of contrasting light and dark areas, and three different modernist modules in three colour variants.

Module 1 has rectangles, Modulo 2 with triangles, and Module 3 features circles: these tiles feature Chiaroscuro, Monochromatic marble and Polychromatic marble used in Italian architecture.
Placing this tile anywhere in your home will make the room more welcoming and your furniture will blend and mix with the marble patterns to form the perfect environment.

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