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New Style with Old Flair: Nòs by Ceccotti

This desk produced by Ceccotti was designed for Bernini in 1957, and it was originally known by the name “Modello 530”.

Today, it has been renamed “Nòs” (which means walnut in Milanese dialect) for its reissue by Ceccotti Collezioni sixty-five years after it was first produced. The first models of this piece with essential style and rigorous lines were made in walnut wood with the classic hourglass base embellished by a frame that underscores the profile.

The Nòs desk showcases the holistic vision of the designer Frattini: a conception of spaces and furniture as a historical continuum in which nothing can be accidental.

The standard version of this desk has a smooth worktop and two locked drawers, one on each side. On the other hand, the roll-top version features the desk as an 18th century secretaire with a more feminine style.

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