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Table, Bench, or Sculpture: POH by Cappellini

The new POH Bench (POH is an acronym for Patchwork Oval Hemisphere) by Cappellini was designed by Raphael Navot, an artist and product designer born in Jerusalem who has always worked in Paris.
It’s either a bench of a low table with a versatile shape that consists in a patchwork arrangement of pieces of wood covered in solid natural American walnut. Each bench is unique because it was digitally designed following a pattern that is always different. It is sold in a numbered edition.

The wood blocks are assembled by hand in a random way, and then cut by a CNC machine to fit a model that was automatically generated by a computer.

Table, bench, or sculpture in its own right: this product has been left without a clear definition. The idea is to change the standard from “forms follows function” to “function follows form”, according to Navot.

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