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Baxter Outdoor Gallery: an Oasis in Downtown Milan

The February issue of IFDM Magazine presents the Baxter Outdoor Gallery, the brand’s first space destined entirely for outdoor furniture. The new showroom is located in Via Turati 2, very close to the central artistic district of Brera and also to Via Monte Napoleone.

The brand wants to make visitor’s forget that they are in the centre of Milan, while helping them imagine an outdoor space on a Mediterranean island.

Once they cross the threshold, they will see splendid full-height windows that provide natural lighting for the interiors. The ultra-high ceilings give everything and everyone plenty of space to breathe. Strong colour combinations divide the space and give it a sort of rhythm, and the materials are those normally used outdoors: for example, sisal flooring that looks like Mauritanian mats and facade plaster used on home exteriors in southern Italy. The store has two floors: along the path, visitors will see the splendid Himba and Nairobi collections by Roberto Lazzeroni, standing like sculptures in iroko wood, and Narciso and Dharma by StudioPepe: eclectic, soft, and informal.

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