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Tom Dixon Furnishings in Seoul

In October, Tom Dixon organised its first exhibition in Seoul, Korea.

The event was held at a concept store located in the city's creative district, which hosts a unique mix of design, art, music, cooking and cultural trends from all over the world.

This is the same place where, in 1991, the brand launched what went on to become one of its all-time icons, the well-known S-chair.

The exhibition featured a vast range of historic products, in addition to new pieces from the collection.

Structured into a gallery, the exhibition was split into three specific sections (called "Yesterday", "Today", and "Tomorrow", respectively) and a pop-up store where visitors could purchase the latest home collection. It presented the English designer through stories of his past, present and future adventures.

The sections were organised as follows:

"Yesterday" highlighted the designer's attention for structures on which objects are built - as opposed to their surfaces - and displayed some of the works he did as a young man, including Flame Cut Chair, Pylon Chair and Copper Chair CU29.

"Today" immersed the visitor in Tom Dixon's authentic obsession with materials. Copper, stone, wood, glass, wax, iron and brass: all these materials were used to make each of the pieces on display including, just to name a few, the dining table Mass (brass), the chair Fan (wood) and the suspension lamp Flask Pendant Oil (glass).

"Tomorrow", lastly, was a selection of what the future could bring. Different exclusive products were featured in this section, including the Boom table lamp and other new launches and prototypes.

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