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New Mettitutto by Annibale Colombo

Annibale Colombo has presented a new mobile storage unit that was designed to be a threshold-device able to absorb the multitude of everyday objects that we all own.

They've called it Mettitutto, which means "put everything" in Italian, and it departs from the classical Italian tradition of the sideboard to align perfectly with modern functional design.

Created by Stefano Boeri Architetti, Mettitutto is an indoor piece destined to hold many types of accessories, objects and tools, which require a unique space to collect them temporarily when we come home after a long day.

Wallets, gloves, mobile phones, keys, wires and chargers, earbuds, glasses, our hat, magazines, newspapers, packages, letters, invitations, business cards: well, anything that could be useful during the day, and that we need to take with us when we leave tomorrow morning.

Therefore, this is certainly a useful piece - exclusive also for its fresh, essential design with rounded corners and curves.

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