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VG New Trend Presents Flower Power

After the great success of its first Flower Power chandelier, an exclusive project because it celebrates tulips, VG New Trend has made a refined new variant of the same piece, but this time focusing on another flower that is just as captivating.

We are talking about White Phalaenopsis flowers, which are related to orchids, and have become the inspiration for this unusual light source.

The chandelier is custom made. It produces a charming, romantic light source made up of many artificial Phalaenopsis flowers in brilliant white to render the atmosphere delicate and luminous at the same time. To complete the exclusive appeal of the piece, cylindrical parts made of Murano glass make up the central section of the chandelier.

If you prefer other types of flowers, you can choose from a range of marvellous lamps with LED sources produced by VG.

Flower Power is a chandelier designed as a functional and decorative object for both homes and contract spaces.

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