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Artistic Performance at Gallotti&Radice for Milano Design Week

The Gallotti&Radice brand has announced that they will be hosting an interesting performance called "LuceSolida" during the imminent Milano Design Week 2018.

The performance will start with a scenographic installation created to present the company's latest pieces to the public, alongside their style icons.

The installation will be designed exclusively by designer and artist Pietro Russo with the goal of representing the material nature of light. He has created an interesting contrast of light and shadows as an ingenious way of either revealing or hiding rooms and objects, depending on the desired look.

In this way, the furnishings affected seem to "come to life" and go beyond their normal function. The installation creates dialogue with reality, ranging from dreamlike visions to theatrical scenography.

Guests who would like to see the performance can sign up for a presentation, from 17 to 22 April.

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