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Inlaid Floors by I Vassalletti in Milan

In 2018, we became an official retailer of luxury flooring from I Vassalletti, a Tuscan company renowned worldwide for its unique products, quality, personality and incredible artisan know-how.

One of their more astounding products is wood flooring inlaid with exclusive and unexpected materials - such as marble, granite, terracotta, bronze, steel, leather, and cashmere - which is made possible through the adoption of new technologies that allow them to make absolutely precise cuts and provide their master artisans with new possibilities for artistic expression.

Many different styles and geometries can be created: the straight lay, an evergreen pattern using wood slats of equal dimensions laid parallel or diagonally to the walls; Italian herringbone made with rectangular pieces laid perpendicular to each other; Hungarian point, made famous by 19th century aristocratic homes; ship's deck pattern with staggered slats of variable lengths placed; and the staggered straight lay with slats forming strips, plus layouts with squares and strips.

The possibilities offered by inlaid floors are almost infinite because, in addition to the type of layout, we can play with colour combinations deriving from the use of different woods - such as teak, cedar, walnut and different types of oak - and also enhance the surface with mosaics or geometric inserts that convey a style similar to the floors of castles and manors from times gone by.

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