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Dolfi: Wood Like You've Never Seen Before

For over a century, the Dolfi brand has been creating complex statues and artisan furniture in wood, one of the world's oldest construction materials. Wood also adapts to several different contexts.

The statues range from sacred figurines such as angels, nativity sets and Christmas ornaments to include ornamental objects and accessories for the home. The furnishings are halfway between elegant sculptures and traditional pieces of furniture, often made of unusual pieces of wood, such as roots or branches.

Today, the brand has many followers, admirers and collectors. Its professionalism and artisan mastery has been handed down from generation to generation, with great love and attention to detail.

The home of its production and symbol of its style is the beautiful Val Gardena, where its headquarters are located.

Among the most interesting products, we would like to point outdifferent creations in wood found in forests for the living room - bookcases, tables and chairs - or for the study or bedroom areas - different types of lamps, desks and armchairs.

It is certainly a completely different way to look at wood, considering that we are used to seeing and using it in a completely unnatural form. Here, it is kept as natural as possible.

If you would like to find our about the exclusive style of Dolfi, come and see us at our showrooms. Bredaquaranta is an official retailer of the brand, and we are sure you will find the furniture that will make your home absolutely unique!

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