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New Tonelli Design Furnishings: Bring "Wonderland" to Your Home!

Tonelli Design, for the year 2018, has launched many new products made with glass, the undisputed star of their collections from both a chromatic and technical standpoint, because it adapts to different contexts.

One of the more recent creations that will certainly catch everyone's attention is the new collection "Il Paese delle Meraviglie" by Paolo Lomazzi.

With a name that evokes Alice and all of her adventures, this collection of occasional tables is made with an innovative production process out of an innovative material: a very precise mixture of glass fragments.

The whole collection focuses on two elements: a cone and a sphere, formed inside moulds and placed in different ways next to glass disks. The basic model is the starting point for six different variants, all in bright colours.

Each piece, hand poured and finished, is a unique product. An exclusive object from an authentic "Wonderland", where the imagination can soar in admiration of the precious details that make this collection absolutely new.

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