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Verpan Works with Fashion Brand Prada

For the fashion show Prada Men Spring/Summer 2019, which took place in Milan on 17 June, the brand Verpan proposed an exclusive reissue of the classic Inflatable Stool designed in the 1960s by the Danish pioneer and designer, Verner Panton.

With this stool, which became an icon in the 1960s, Panton created a minimal piece that offered an extraordinary visual experience in spite of its sober presence. People using it could almost be described as "floating on air".

In fact, it was one of the first pieces of furniture made with inflatable material, and undoubtedly an example of a "bold" use of new materials.

The inflatable stool is made from a transparent film that is welded together and then inflated to form a cube.

The lightweight transparent material was chosen because it allowed great mobility, flexibility and creativity in the design and use of products. Pieces made from this material are also easy to move, and they adapt to different circumstances and spaces.

In the fashion show environment, the stools were used to complete an original choreography which featured the entire room covered in translucent sheets to produce an artistic installation.

The installation, which almost "disappeared" in the low light of soft light sources, gave the room a psychedelic look during the fashion show. Some people even said that it made the room deliberately eerie and disquieting.

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