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Molletta Chair by Spini: Beyond the Chair

Presented for the first time during the Salone del Mobile of Milano 2018, the Molletta Chair is among the more interesting new items in the Spini collection.

A creation from the Israeli designer Hagar Bar Gil, Molletta Chair was inspired by the shape and colours of the classic clothes pin, as its name implies ("molletta" is Italian for "clothes pin").

It certainly has an unusual shape for a piece of furniture, but at the same time, it is very familiar in everyday life.

The chair's rear legs are in solid oak wood, and joined with the delicate front legs. The shape of the back legs, unique and unmistakeable, supports the backrest solidly. It is made with a curved multi-layer sheet. The seat is made from the same material as the backrest.

Therefore, this chair owes its exclusive nature to its shape, as well as many other small details that make it current and modern, thanks to a fresh look that is perfect in any room.

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