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Nidus by Maxalto: When No Armrests is a Plus

Among the more interesting new pieces from the Maxalto brand is Nidus, a sofa designed by Antonio Citterio that has two distinctive features: a curved shape and no armrests.

Suitable for a formal and refined style, but also as a conversation piece, Nidus is a product that exhibits a fair amount of design expertise.

Starting with its exclusive shape - rounded to form an graceful, elegant curve - Nidus is truly able to astound because it takes centre stage in any room or environment.

In large rooms where it is necessary to create "parlour" spaces with different groups of chairs and sofas, Nidus is the perfect solution.

Its tall backrest provides great comfort, which configures the pieces as a sofa, instead of an oversized chair with no armrests.

In this way, thanks to its extreme comfort, even the absence of armrests can be interpreted as a positive characteristic that also gives it a note of exclusive personality.

Nidus can be completed with a matching pouf, which enhances its socialisation function and communication with other seating elements.

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