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Stella Chandelier by Reflex Angelo at Karim Rashid's Home

In West Chelsea, the extraordinary home that once belonged to the Egyptian designer Karim Rashid features an impressive Stella chandelier by Reflex Angelo.

Hanging in the large room where the show-cooking studio is located, we find this distinctive luminaire with its elegant star-shaped pendants in transparent or coloured blown glass with LEDs inside them.

The residence is now an "art house" and open for visitors. Several famous movie stars and entertainers have stayed there in the past, including the pop singer Lady Gaga.

The designer's home is full of original details and furnishings, and it seems like the perfect place to highlight the value of this brand new chandelier in black or white painted glass or mirror. At first glance, it undoubtedly takes over as the main attraction of the room.

Stella can be personalised because it comes in different versions with separate dimensions, widths and shapes.

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