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Homey Bath Collection by Falper: gentle elegance and aesthetics

One of the most interesting collections from the Falper brand in 2018 was Homey, a series of three bathroom fixtures in Cristalplant®: a bathtub, a tabletop sink and a floor-standing sink.

Designed by Simone Bonanni and Attila Veress, the soft rounded shapes of the single elements, enhanced above all by the oval bathtub, render this collection truly unique.

The bathtub presents a strong interplay between light and shadows with gentle, silent volumes, and is perfect for placement in the centre of the room, to become the absolute focal point.

Each piece - bathtub or sink - is also available with optional inserts in metallic finish, to become even more exclusive.

The results are three almost sculptural products. Simple and timeless, they are ideal for people who want their bathrooms furnished with exclusive softly rounded elements.

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