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Rolf Benz Partners with Techart on Porsche Cayenne

The Rolf Benz brand has worked with the Techart company to make the interiors of the elegant Porsche Cayenne.

The company, which also designs interiors for Lonberg vehicles, near Stuttgart, is specialised in personalising Porsche models and so, in concert with Rolf Benz, they developed a very particular project for the interior of this car.

Both companies are contemporary and in step with the times. They view the search for an individual sense of wellness as good not only in the home, but also in a luxury car, and for this reason, they work to make the car become a personalised space that represents the owner.

Four wheeled transportation can also reflect the personality, sense of style and lifestyle of the owner, and set the stage for mobility as a sensory experience.

The project "TECHART Interior ROLF BENZ", developed exclusively for the Porsche Cayenne, was the most interesting result of this collaboration.

The exclusive Rolf Benz edition of the Porsche Cayenne offers a pleasantly discreet form of luxury, that conveys a sense of tranquillity and guarantees a pleasant environment.

Combined with several fabrics with colours and materials matched harmoniously, they have created a unique travel space.

The leather and fabric sections were arranged in the best possible way to produce a coherent image with the both the Rolf Benz and the Porsche brands.

The foot area has been covered entirely in leather and there is also a general optimisation on the exterior that reduces the vehicle's overall dimensions noticeably.

This makes it more dynamic and distinguishes the external impact that this limited edition Porsche Cayenne has when compared to the standard model.

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