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EticaLiving by VG New Trend: when ethics and luxury meet

EticaLiving, a furnishing project created from the collaboration between the brands VG and Slow+Fashion+Design, was designed to blend the world of luxury with the increasingly frequent quest for an ethical dimension and greater attention to lifestyle and sustainability.

The result of this partnership is much more than a line of products. It is an authentic philosophy of life.

The collection is made up of furnishing elements that go beyond commercial logic because they are made with sustainable materials, natural fabrics and artisan methods.

EticaLiving, as the name suggests, is a living room collection comprising specifically: a sofa, two armchairs, two small armchairs, two tapestries and a chandelier.

The collection's main characteristics are: the colours blue and gold, essential lines and - naturally - uniqueness.

Blue represents tranquillity, thus creating a sensation of relaxation and harmony that allows us to manage the stress of daily life in a balanced way.

Gold is a luminous colour that often identifies the concept of wealth and luxury, but here, is instead a reference to elegance and purity.

Lastly, the sober essential lines of the furnishings complete this concept, giving each object both simplicity and refined elegance.

The fabrics, present on most pieces of the collection as upholstery and in the tapestries, are developed as fine weaves of velvet and denim, the latter embellished by artisans. These very particular textures were inspired by the ancient shibori technique.

Even the internal furniture structures have been finished, relaunching noble materials such as wood, steel, water foam and kapok, all made exclusively by Veneto artisans.

The goal is to not only create an ecological product line, but to make a collection that draws the best value from Made In Italy, taking its inspiration from our ancient traditions.

The sofa and armchairs were developed with Italian wood, kapok (natural fibres derived from seeds) and recycled pars of materials like gold chains and steel.

The cushions and accessories deliberately exhibit Venetian inspired patterns, based on centuries-old local traditions. The chandelier was also made with recycled materials that artisans recovered: ribbons, tassels and fabrics, to reduce waste to a minimum.

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