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Kohro fabrics

Big Italian manufacturer of furniture textiles, Kohro joins top quality design, craftsmanship, technology and service.

Based on a strong 60 years manufacturing experience Khoro recalls the Italian traditional legacy to pair artistic creativity and industrial production thus delivering unique and incomparable products.

Kohro's excellence is founded upon three basic principles: control on the whole textile processing, strongly-based ability in the products developing stage and uninterrupted investment on state-of-the-art technology.

Textile weaving and finishing are carried out in Italy using REACH compliant environment-friendly and non-toxic products.

Kohro Presents "The Grand Design" Fabric Wallcovering Collection

Kohro has launched a new collection created to completely renew the world of wall coverings. Made up of extra wide fabrics to permit easy installation, the collection…

Kohro Presents New Fabrics from Wool and Cashmere Collection

Kohro presents Wool and Cashmere, a collection of fabrics that evoke the endearing warmth and intense chill of the South American continent. The collection is made up…

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