Cassina furniture

The high quality of Cassina production is based upon the interaction between industrial technology and craft manufacture as well as a special skill to produce padded items, manufacture wood, leather and other valuable materials.

Cassina collections include projects that involve aesthetical and material testing and thanks to the corporate farsighted vision futuristic proposals have turned into classics of design furniture.

Examples can be found in the I Maestri collection such as Göteborg chair by Asplund, LC1, LC2 and LC4 seats by Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, Perriand, LC15 table by Le Corbusier, Zig Zag and Red and Blue seats by Rietveld and the Wright line of products created by designer Wright.

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Cassina Plans to Renovate Historic Meda Plant: Design by Patricia Urquiola

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Showcased product: 191 Moov sofa, 196 Rotor table, 243 Volage sofa, 475 Boboli table, 675 Maralunga sofa, 699 chair, 713/714 table, K10 Dodo armchair, L26/L27 Volage bed, LC1, LC1 armchair, LC10, LC2 armchair, LC3, LC4 Chaise longue, LC7, LC8

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