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Giorgetti is a company with a tradition of more than one hundred years and an international flavor, rooted in the city of Meda, in the center of Brianza.

Giorgetti collections arise from the craft tradition and the industriousness of territory: unique furniture, the high quality of workmanship and the selection of materials. The elements of furniture that range from the purely classical style to the modern style, enhanced with the latest collections.

The true leitmotif of collection is wood, the expensive element of the company, was formed and worked in innovative ways without ever departing from the fine traditional cabinetmaker. The wood has been enhanced by the inserts in other materials over the years: leather, metal, glass and textile, which are natural and precious, in many textures and colors.

The elements are processed and combined with taste, elegance and attention to the details in order to ensure the customers a timeless product that goes beyond fashion.

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via Ernesto Breda, 40
Sesto S. G. / Milan

via Fatebenefratelli, 10 - Milan

Giorgetti Milano
via Durini, 5 - Milan

Rossana Milano
via Filippo Turati, 6 - Milan

Longhi Milano
via Durini, 17 - Milan

Giorgetti Milano

via Durini, 5

Phone: +39 02 36638440
Email: [email protected]

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