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Ergonomics means a man-oriented design kitchen, a "tailor-made" kitchen where each unit is intended to help personal requirements.

An ergonomic kitchen is also fine, cosy and comfortable by definition: in a room transmitting comfort, it is impossible to separate aesthetics from functionality. Thus, forms are shaped with unusual lines yet playing a perfect match for the requirements of safety, functionality and design of a person.

Ergonomics means therefore comfort, accessibility, and care for health. Each space, size and opening is designed with a focus on mobility in an area recalling familiar cosiness and quiet.


Sustainability means an "ethic" kitchen designed assessing its environmental impact. A kitchen with low energy requirements both when manufactured and used, and without toxic emissions.

Sustainability means a balanced system between use and reuse to limit raw materials consumption to the lowest limit. This also means environment-friendly products: disposable and reusable as well as long lasting. A responsible choice leading to the use of wood from non primary forests and sustain the reforestation of our planet.

Sustainability means designing kitchens whose aesthetical look reaches behind fashion and whose love goes on over the years, delaying its replacement. A time-resistant, safe and healthy setting denying the logic of waste and disposable products to help the ecosystem.


Today when designing a kitchen innovation means manufacturing while "dematerialising". It means lowest use of raw materials, reuse, energy-efficiency, and care for environment. It involves reaching such a standard to allow for fully recycling any product and non-toxicity of materials and processing.

Innovation is also an uninterrupted search for new materials and shapes, assuring aesthetically pleasant kitchens, yet rugged and long lasting.

Innovation is imagination capability. Innovating means to look ahead, focusing on the world of tomorrow and the legacy to leave to new generations.

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