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Logistics is a key aspect of our work because it allows us to provide the excellent service that our customers expect when they come to our multi-brand showrooms, flagship stores, and shop-in-shops.

Our 5000 m2 warehouse in Bovisio Masciago is where we carefully stock the furnishing products destined to be delivered to you. Our local shipments start from there, which are then later delivered by our corporate fleet. International shipments are entrusted to reliable carriers that deliver the products to anywhere in the world through air and sea transport.

Given that care is a crucial aspect for us, all products are carefully inspected by our personnel before leaving our logistics centre, shipments are planned down to the last detail and the goods are fully insured. In this way, we make sure that clients do not have any unpleasant surprises.

We can, we care, worldwide

We can: send us a request for a quotation and we will contact you to define all of the aspects of your furnishing project. Then, we will provide you with a convenient quotation in a shortest time possible.

We care: we take care of every step of your project from design to post-sales service. We ensure you a complete assistance service, in which our architects and interior designer will guide you in choosing the best solution offered that fit your tastes and preferences.

Worldwide: we ship all over the world. Our foreign office directly handles all of the problems connected with international commerce and customs procedures. The products are packed with the greatest care, fully insured and entrusted to reputable carriers with proven records for reliable air or sea transport.

Everywhere you are, everything you wish

"Everywhere you are, everything you wish": our motto is rich in meaning because it describes a journey that starts off by reassuring the client, through the possibility of speaking with professionals who share his or her language and cultural background. It also includes helping them take advantage of our private shopping experience: a context in which privacy and relaxing shopping are key parts of a scheduled calendar of events designed to fit the clients' needs. We will plan each visit in the greatest detail, including making arrangements for transportation and accommodations.