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The Ideal Partner

Thanks to our network and know-how, we are the ideal partner for designers and architects. We offer them desired assistance through our dedicated team of interior designers, who are always up to date on the latest proposals in terms of products, finishes, materials and trends.

Furnishing Projects

Our strong relationships with more than 100 brands in the worldwide sector of Contemporary, Luxury & Classic furnishings open the doors to infinite possibilities for architects who work with us. In turn, they can offer their clients an experience enhanced by visits to furniture showrooms, convenient purchases and an introduction into the most refined artisan boutiques in Lombardy.

Our team of interior designers through their years of expertise and experience, enable us to provide architectural firms the best designs and construction of actual customised solutions, which add value to each project through unique specifications.

Our team has individuals from diverse cultures, so there is a possibility of them the speaking the same language as the architects that facilitates the work by saving time, offering direct assistance on technical choices and single products, and providing precise, updated quotations.

Moreover, our network of showrooms and logistics allows us to guarantee prompt delivery of thousands of furnishing products and complements. The catalogue is easy to search and consult, so that architectural firms that work with us can have solutions which are available immediately.


Our dedicated foreign office manages almost any problem connected with laws, international commerce and customs procedures to provide complete, advantageous solutions for professionals and their clients. We manage local deliveries directly with our fleet ensuring fast flexible service.

Assembly and Post-sales Service

Assembly is carried out directly by our specialised internal personnel, a team of qualified people with constantly updated technical knowledge who work with the client's workforce to guarantee perfect service. This process valorises the entire furnishing project through its attention to detail.

The services that we offer professionals continue even after the end of the construction and installation period. In addition to the usual product warranty, our post-sales service includes a programme of assistance, maintenance and integration that responds immediately when clients require some type of assistance, anywhere in the world.